Noblet Clarinet 40

Manufacturer Part #:  40 -V

This Noblet ND model wood clarinet was made in the early 1940's according to its serial number (#584A) and it's in good condition with only minor surface wear to the wood and no cracks that we can detect. The pads are old and need to be replaced to make this clarinet playable, but it should be a good playing instrument once it's repadded. The plating on the keys looks good, with no thin spots or plating loss.

The case is sturdy and in good shape, with only minor cosmetic wear and no damage to the wood. The handle, latches and hinges all work just as they should.

Model: 40 -V
Manufacturer: Noblet

Wood Symphony

Manufacturer Part #:  40 -V
Weight:  7.00
Price: $145.00

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