Conn Elkhart Cornet

Price: $395.00

This Conn raw brass cornet was made in Elkhart, IN in 1916 according to its serial number (#144XXX) and it’s in good condition. This has the quick change to “A” mechanism and a high pitch/low pitch tuning slide, as well as many other slides and accessories (see pictures).

This cornet has a few small dents, most notably on the bell bow, but none will affect how this cornet plays and most aren’t easily noticeable. The valves work well and all the slides pull nicely. There’s a small amount of solder work that’s been done on the adjustable first valve slide and around the water key on the first slide, but otherwise we can see no signs of any previous significant damage or repair. The brass is tarnished, but it should polish up nicely. We’ve run this cornet through our professional brasswind shop to make sure it’s in good playing condition.

The case is original to the instrument and is good condition, with only the expected age-related wear. The wood is undamaged and the latches and hinges work as they should. The handle has been replaced with thick string, but installation of a new handle should be easy with the existing hardware that’s still present. The case is very cool, and has lots of little compartments and places especially made for accessories.

The purchase of this cornet will include all accessories shown: mute, cleaning rod, lyre, 4 slide extensions, container for slide grease and looped screwdriver.

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