King Trombonium

Price: $1,200.00

This King/H.N. White trombonium was made in the late 60's according to its serial number (#422xxx) and it's in very good condition.  It has been relacquered at some point, but the job was done well and it's been in its case ever since. There are a few very minor dents throughout the instrument, but none that are noticeable from more than a foot or so away, and none that will affect how this instrument plays. We see no signs that this instrument has ever been bent or damaged and this trombonium presents very well. The valves all work freely and the slides pull well. We've run this instrument through our professional brasswind repair shop to make sure it's in good playing condition.

The sale of this trombonium will not include a case.

From the H.N. White website:

The King Trombonium had precisely the same tone as a slide Trombone and will improve the marching section of any band. The Trombonium "has none of the disadvantages of the Valve Trombone in holding, neither has it the excess amount of straight tubing which makes the Valve Trombone hard to blow and difficult to play in tune." This instrument has the honor of being the last creation of Mr. White before his death. Trombonium's first were only made for the American Standard brand and were only later made with the King logo. The first instruments were made in late 1938 with full production until the mid 1970's.

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